Thursday, November 13, 2008

True Colors of Friendship

Ryan is doing really well. He is mostly over his headaches and nausea, but now he has some other stinkin' virus. He has lost his voice, but I think he is feeling better everyday. I've learned a lot through this experience. First, I love Ryan more than I ever thought a person could love another. He is my best friend and I know we could make it through anything together. I've always known that me and Ry had something special, but when you go through something like this it makes your bond even stronger. The second thing I learned is that in situations like these true colors really show, and some of those colors are rather ugly. I've always been one of those girls who has a few really good friends and then a bunch of just casual friends. I always thought my really good friends would be a strong support to me in rough times, but I was wrong. I was really surprised at how many of my friends didn't call and then I was again shocked at the ones who did. The same with Ryan. We were both surprised at the people who were there to support us. It was friends that we hadn't talked to in a long time. The third thing I learned is that family is really the only thing you can count on. Thank you to all of my family who was there to support me, and all of you who weren't afraid to ask how we were doing.