Friday, June 20, 2008

Summer is finally here!!

Well the summer weather is finally here, and it feels good! But along with the weather comes the crazy schedule. It is getting really busy, but in a good way!I got the privilege of watching SkyLee so I took her over to Lacy's so that her and Shylee could play. They had a blast and there were a lot of tears when it was time to go home!

Shylee Nicole
SkyLee Marie
Ryan and I finally got away for the weekend. We went up to Strawberry Reservoir and visited with my grandparents. It was really nice to have a weekend to ourselves. Hopefully there will be more to come.
I wanted to go down to the doc and put my feet in the water, so after a little coaxing I got Ry to come with me. But when we got to the marina the wind was blowing so hard that it was too cold. But it was nice to go see the water anyway.
So we decide that we would cook hobo dinners, because they are good and easy (or so we thought). The first night we put them in the fire and then went over and visited with the grandparents. When we came back to our camp we were starving, so we opened up our dinners all excited to eat, and they were burnt. And when I say burnt I mean BURNT. Thank goodness we had plenty of snacks to hold us over until morning. The next night we decided we would try it again, but this time we stayed close the fire and made sure to turn them often. This time we succeeded. They were delicious. So as you can see life is good and busy. We have been ropin' a lot and Ry has a rodeo in Evanston tonight. I'll let ya know how he does.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Well it is ropin' season again. My man lives for roping and he looks good doing it. Lately it is all we have been doing. Ryan has been roping since he was in seventh grade, I on the other hand have been roping for about a year and I think I am finally catching on. Last summer we built a roping arena in Ry's back yard, and when I say we I really mean we. I dug holes and carried railroad ties and all that good stuff. We used the arena a lot last summer and it was really worth it. This year we haven't used it much because we don't have many steers. We have been going to a couple of Ryan's buddies houses. Hopefully I will be good enough to start entering rodeos by the middle of the summer. Cross your fingers for me and pray I won't lose any of mine! This is Ryan and Boozer at the Tomato Day's Rodeo last summer.
This is Ryan and Boozer again in Ry's back yard.
This is the arena we built.