Saturday, August 8, 2009

Well I did it.

I finally got into the nursing program. I start at the DATC on Jan. 4. Hooray!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Marriage and all it entails!

So I have officially been Mrs. Butler for a little over a month. I must say I have absolutely loved every minute of it. I have not been disappointed once! That is probably in part with the fact that I married the most amazing man on earth. Yes that means my husband is better than yours! Here are a few things I love and love not so much about marriage.

- Waking up next to Ry.
- Going home after work to Ry.
- Cooking dinner, I pretty good I must admit :)
- Walking around our cute neighborhood
- Visiting with our cooky 84 year old neighbor
- Not having to share a laundry room with 5 other people!( Other people that I love!)
- Having Bill ( our blue heeler) around all the time
- Being able to go home and just relax.
- Growing my own garden. Our squash have taken over our entire yard. My neighbor ( not the 84 year old one) says its the squash that ate Manhattan!
- My husband does laundry and I don't even have to ask!
- Knowing that it me and Ry forever! He loves me:)

Love not so Much
- Not having a dish washer
- Baking and not having a bunch of siblings eat it all. Me and Ry end up eating way more than we should.
- I miss sitting on the porch with my parents why they drink their coffee.
- Not having a computer or the Internet at my own home
-Having milk go bad because we don't drink it fast enough

Over all I love my life and I am so unbelievably lucky to have Ryan as a husband. Best decision I ever made! Love you baby!
Pictures of wedding and honeymoon to come.
Stay tuned:)