Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well school is out for the summer and life is taking off :0) I love this warm weather we've been having. We are the proud owners of five roping steers and can't wait to get roping. We went and helped brand calves on Saturday and we had a blast. We have roped twice so far, not much, but better than nothing. Ry has been working a lot of over time and I am going crazy at home. I have tired to pick up any extra shifts at work but there aren't many available at the moment. I have started watching my niece and nephew and it is so much fun. They are such cute kids, ya never know whats going to come out of a four year olds mouth. W e bought a new truck as seen above :) I love it. Ry wouldn't smile for a picture dyeing easter eggs. I took three and that was the best one. What a butt head.

Monday, April 5, 2010

BusY buSY!

Life has been very busy lately as usual. I have just under three weeks left for this semseter and then I have the summer off! Ryan and I are so excited, we are planning on playing very hard and roping all we can. Can't wait for the warm weather and all the festivites of summer, fairs, rodeo's, picnics, boating, drive inn, late nights, summer rain, BBQ's oh if it was only summer all the time! I think I have spring fever, anyone else?