Thursday, May 28, 2009

Last Call for addresses

Well only a month left until the wedding. I can't wait! I think we have almost everything done. We got all the invitations put together last night and thanks to Ryan's mom we got about 98% of the addresses too, but there are a few more I need. If I haven't asked for your address or if your not sure if I have it email me. Things are moving along fairly smoothly. My first shower is on saturday from 11-1 at my parents house. If anyone wants to come feel free :) I'm getting my bridals taken on wednesday and all I have left to do after that is put a couple CD's together for dancing afterwards. I'm very anxious and excited. A few of the girls I work with keep telling me how awful showers are but I'm excited. I love my family and what better excuse to get together. Can't wait to see everyone, pictures to come!