Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Sweet Love

There is nothing sweeter than being in love! Everything seems to be falling in place for me and Ry. I found my dress! I'm not posting details, Ryan can't know a thing. If you want to see it , guess you'll just have to come to the wedding :)! We found HOUSE! It's teeny, tiny, but I've never been more excited for anything in my life. It's in Plain City, and its adorable. I'm already excited to plant flowers and trying my hand at gardening. It's ours starting March 1st. Ryan and I had the best Valentines yet. Seeing as how we are about to enter the real world, we didn't want to spend too much. So I decided we would stay in, and I surprised him with a candle lit dinner. It was great. I love to cook! I set it all up in a spare bedroom, with candles and music, the whole shebang. When he got to my house, he came in the kitchen with a dozen beautiful roses. I turned to him and apologized for not having something more special for him. Then as the food got done I asked him to go out to the car and grab my camera. When he went outside I shifted gears and hustled all the food up to our little make believe get away. I had the music playing softly, and all the lights off, except for the candles burning. When he came back in I took him by the hand and led him to our table. It was so romantic, just me and him . No back ground noise, or waiting to be seated, it was perfect. Then we finished the night visiting with Mandy and Nick and stuffing our faces with cookies and ice cream. Life is so good! Oh and we set a date. June 26, 2009. Don't miss it!