Saturday, May 22, 2010

BAM 1st annual Race Me and Camille we ran most of the race together and both finished in about 25 minutes!

Me and Mandy Jo after the Race

This is the Race for the Cure we do every year. This is my mom, 10 year survivor!, My Grandma Ruby, 1 year survivor!, and Amy, 2 year survivor! WOOT WOOT!

Me and my SISTAS! Me and Mandy ran this race around 26 minutes.

One Hell of a woman!!!! Ain't she pretty?

Me and Lacy Lunar Loo! (Nick name courtesy of Mandy Jo)

The rest of these picks of us roping down at our friend Blaine's place. Gotta Love it!

Ropin' and Runnin' (PIC OVERLOAD!)

We've been having a blast this summer roping and I have been running. I am loving having no school and working full time. It is great. love life! On May 8 we did the race for the cure again this year. We went down and stayed at the Hyatt Place right next to the gateway. Mandy and I ran the race and the rest of my familia walked. We had so much fun and it was a much deserved night on the town for all us girls. Today I ran the BAM race in memory of Aaron Greer with my sista Mandy. I am friends with his sister and it turned out great. The Mckellars put it on and did an awesome job. I ran it in 25 and froze my butt off. I love that me and Mandy are both running and we can do it together. It is awesome to have a running buddy. Love ya Mand! I also love roping with my freakin Hot Hubby! Love ya baby. Well enjoy the pics, there are a ton, two posts worth so keep looking :) Happy trails :)

Monday, May 3, 2010


This amazing women is a 10 YEAR Survivor of breast cancer! Woohoo! GO MAMA! My grandma also just got done fighting her own battle with breast cancer GO RUBY :) . We are doing the race for the cure this saturday and I am trying to raise money to donate! The proceeds stay right here in Utah! This will help us all out in the future! Click on this link to donate, even a dollar will be appreciated! Let's stand together and fight for our Boobies! Big or small let's save em all!!