Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It's Official!

I passed my state boards and I am now officially an RN! It feels so good I cannot even express! I also updated my blog so keep on lookin' there are a lot of pics!

Summer Play!

Remember the honey comb I told you about? if not see the first post of the the day :)

Pioneer Days Rodeo, Butler Family Tradition. We go every year on family night with the whole Butler Clan. Seth got married, and Ry was the best man. It was a beautiful wedding in Thatcher Id. We are so excited for Seth and his new Wife Devin. They moved to Kansas and I can't wait til they move home so I get to know Devin better :)

Weber County Fair Stallion Alley. We had our halflinger stud at the fair this year. We love the fair. This year we set up our stall next to our friends Matt and Katie and we would all just hunker down and do some good ol people watchin. It doesn't get better than the fair :) This year however our time at the fair was cut short. A friend of our family's son had been lost at scout camp. So we packed up a day early at the fair. We headed up to help look for him the next morning and he was found about ten minutes after we got there. We decided since we had drove three hours we should still got for a ride, so we made a day out of it. It was a beautiful ride, however I did not have my camera!

A day at Willard Bay with the Mark Family.

Little miss attitude, aka Hallie Jo. What a hoot!

My Grandma Betty turned 80! She is such a sweet woman!

We have played more in the last month and a half since I have been graduated than we have in a long time and it feels great!

I graduated from nursing school!!!!

I graduated from nursing school in July. It was a bittersweet moment. I got really close to some of these girls and I really enjoyed seeing them several times a week. I made some life long friends and I am so grateful that I went to the DATC. It really was the perfect place for me. I will always remember the amazing experiences I had. It's funny but ever since I was a little girl I have had a hard time when anything comes to an end. You would think I would be thrilled, but all it really means is that another part of my life is over. Don't get me wrong, I am very excited for the life to come, but I hate saying goodbye to a different part of life.

I most certainly could not have accomplished any of this on my own. My hubby was there for me every step of the way. My mom taught me that I could do anything I wanted with my life and my daddy taught me how to work hard and be persistent. God bless these amazing people!

Love these girls through and through.

Our 2nd Anniversary

Ry and I celebrated our second anniversary on June 26th. What a lucky woman I am. Ry is my hero, my hard workin man, my therapist, my knight in shining armor, my kiss in the dark,my hand to hold, my personal comedian, but most of all he is the love of my life. I couldn't ask for more, but I wouldn't settle for less! I also celebrated my 24th birthday on June 23rd. Man I am getting old!

We bought a house...or should I say project?

I know this little thing looks pretty pathetic, but I think we are gonna love it! As my sweet friend Kallea Jo sings to me, " Love grows best in little houses" We were able to get six and a half acres with it. We have had a fun time working on it so far. Let's see.... we have found an entire wall full of honey comb, rancid honey comb that is, and thousand of dead bees, a cat skeleton along with several carp skeletons under the floor in the front room, a marijuana pipe, hmmm let's see what else? A squirrel was digging it's way underneath our house, so we caught it in a have a heart trap, our neighbors cows are constantly running through the fence. But I can already tell that it is starting to feel like home. Our family has been great to help us out with fixin' it up.

Utah Valley Half :)

Well I ran my first half. I screwed up my knee at about mile five so I was pretty disappointed in my time (2:16) But I was very proud of myself for finishing considering how much pain I was in. I love to run and it took me a couple of months to be able to start running again, but I am back and it feels great.

I have a lot of making up to do...

The Race for the Cure is one of my favorite traditions. If you know anything about me then you know that my life has been greatly affected by breast cancer. Well I again had the pleasure of celebrating the survival of thousands of women, but most of all my mother and my grandmother. Or as my brothers would put it, my bad ass mama and my bad ass grandma. These two women are as tough as nails and as sweet and kind hearted as Mother Theresa herself. Blessed, that's what I am, aint no denyin' it!

Usually we take the opportunity to have a girls weekend when we go to the race, but this year we brought the boys with us. When I say the "boys" I mean my twin brothers. We always have referred to them as the boys. I'm sure it is because they were the fifth and sixth children and have four older sisters. Poor boys :) they were mothered to death. I was so glad they came. They mean a lot to me, and you can see in this picture just how much they love their mama!

Then there was the flood. My in-laws own thirty acres that borders the Weber River, by the end of all the run off season it was completely under water. These pics are right at the beginning of the flooding, it got really much worse after these were taken! But all is well now. They lost any hay they would have gotten, but the water has receded and there land has dried out.